Boots offers travel insurance to 115 years old for single trip

The insurance companies usually offer the age limit for its insurance policy but now they broaden it.

Recently, Boots has announced that old age can go easily abroad after it raised the upper age limit for single-trip travel insurance policies up to 115 years. The company policy has in effect, it said that it would insure anyone regardless of age, but this poclicy is only for a single-trip basis.

For many years, older travellers have complained that many policies feature an upper age limit, often 80, and that the older is harder to find cover. In fact, Boots’ own multi-trip policy has an age 79 cut-off.

With this policy, it quoted us £125 last week to cover a 100 year old person who are spending a week in the US, which tends to be the world’s most expensive developed country when it comes to things such as medical treatment. It says it also offers specialist cover for pre-existing medical conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions and cancer, they have been declared and accepted by the company in writing. It also says its emergency situations are managed by real doctors.

To be eligible for this policy, the older travellers must have their main home in the UK or Channel Islands, and they must not have spent more than six months abroad in the year before buying the policy. Especially, all online customers can claim a 15% discount to Boost.

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